George Georgiades has come full circle. He first became interested in cooking as a boy, helping his mother make Greek pastries for her catering business. After spending years in kitchens of every variety, he is finally able to express his love for healthy Greek food in a kitchen he can call his own. EONS Greek food for Life. George graduated from Johnson & Wales culinary school in 1985, and began his career with a two-year stint in the kitchen of the Hotel Pierre. In 1987 he joined the staff as saucier at La Cote Basque, and in 1989 moved to Europe to further his training in Basel, Switzerland. In 1990, George returned to New York City to work as Chef Tournant under Waldy Malouf at the Hudson River Club. In 1993 George was named executive chef of Bar Six in the West Village. In 1998 George moved over to the French-Moroccan bistro Chez Es Saada, prior to being named Executive Chef of Avra Estiatorio – a position held for four years. Before starting his own venture, George was the Executive Chef and partner of Varka Estiatorio in Ramsey, New Jersey. Today, at EONS Greek Food for Life, George is thrilled to be working with the cuisine of his heritage. He seeks out the freshest and most flavorful ingredients for his interactive menu. “Simple cooking is the best cooking… A classic grilled octopus dressed only with olive oil, fresh herbs and lemon, are the essence of Greek cooking”. Beyond using the best ingredients in simple preparations, George believes there is another element that makes a good chef , “Loving what you do is most important”. And he does.